Outdoor Worship At Maywood Covenant Church

Here at Maywood, we know that worship takes many different forms. Though we love our indoor services, we know that during the warmer months, many of us are longing to get outside. Once a month for the next five months, we would like to invite you to join us outside for our worship service at 10 AM. Bring a lawn chair, invite a friend, sit back and enjoy the service. We hope to see you there!

Weekly Announcements and Lyrics

Being outside means that we can't take advantage of our screens and showing our announcements/lyrics during the service. Because of this, we want to give you access to those things from the comfort of wherever you are- whether it be in a lawn chair in our parking lot or watching from your car. 

To access the lyrics to the songs we will be singing, click here.

To access any announcements we have for the week, click here.

Outdoor worship dates - 10 AM