adult ministry

Adult Class - Wednesday Nights

Each Wednesday night begins with a light supper available to all at 5:45 PM, with the adult class following at 6:30 PM. 

Fall Class: "Living Inside The Lord's Prayer"
This fall, we will be exploring the Lord's Prayer on Sunday mornings. Then, during the adult class on Wednesday evenings, we will be considering how we can actually live inside each of the prayer's six petitions. The goal will be to move what we learn about the prayer from our heads to our hearts. This class will meet each Wednesday from September 15th-October 27th (no meeting October 20th) at 6:30 PM and will be offered both in-person and to join by Zoom. We hope to see you there!

Please reach out to the office with any questions. (Get plugged into our email list by contacting the office at

Prayer... Together

Scripture promises that “where two or three are gathered, there I am also”. Our prayer group believes there is a blessing for working together to discern how God is leading us to pray and then to be encouraged as we reveal how we have seen Him answering. Some examples of our

prayer focus have been:

  • Salvation of friends and family
  • Asking that God uses his Spirit to refresh, revive, and lead God’s people and His Church
  • Praying for relief in these times of pain and unrest, and for His purposes to be accomplished through them

If you want us to pray for you or have a concern you’d like us to pray for, please contact the church by phone or email. 

We are currently meeting together for this event Wednesday nights at 7:30 PM, following the Adult Bible Class.

Adult sunday school opportunities

At Maywood, we offer several opportunities for spiritual growth. Some of these take place during our 9:15 AM Sunday School classes. See the opportunities listed below!

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to the office with questions or to get redirected to someone who can answer your questions.

The Gospel project - adult class

Each Sunday we have an adult Sunday School class that meets at 9:15 AM. This fall, all Sunday School classes will be working from the same curriculum, The Gospel Project. This offers the opportunity to engage all ages even after the class is over. 

Their fall curriculum is titled "From Creation to Chaos." Here's what they say about it on their website:

"In the beginning, God created everything for His glory and our good. But when sin entered the world, creation appeared to be ruined. Out of the ruins, God made a promise: that through one man’s descendant, God would bless the whole world—and restore the good creation He made. Through this study, your groups will discover the truth that nothing is outside of God’s plan or control to redeem creation from sin."

Explore Maywood Class - 

Sunday at 9:15 AM (Beginning 10/17)

Are you interested in learning more about Maywood? Have you been attending for awhile and considering membership? Do you want to ask more questions about the Covenant Church and what we believe? This class is the place for you! 

During the normal Sunday School time, 9:15 AM, this class will meet in Pastor John's office. This class will run for five weeks.