IF:Table is a women's ministry monthly gathering. Watch for emails with more information. If you're not plugged in, part of a group, or would simply like more information, contact the Women's Ministry coordinator at the contact below!

More general info about IF:Table at ifgathering.com/if-table/

Women's bible study

Women's Bible Study is meeting Tuesdays at 6:30 PM at Maywood Covenant Church! 

Contact Kim Rhonemus at wm.maywoodcovenant@gmail.com if you have feedback

or want more information about getting started. 

Bible Study Instructions/Schedule: Bible_study_instructions.docx.pdf

Week 3 Questions: Week_3_Questions_for_October_17_Meeting.docx

Week 4 Questions: Week_4_Days_16-20_October_24.docx.pdf

Week 5 Questions: Day_20-25_for_Nov_7.docx

Week 6 Questions: Week_6_for_November_14.docx

Week 7 Questions: Week_7_Questions_for_November_28_meeting.docx

Week 9 Questions: Week_9_-_For_December_5_meeting.docx

Week 10 Questions: Week_10_-_Questions_for_January_9_meeting.docx

Week 11 Questions: Week_11_questions_for_meeting_on_January_16.docx

Week 12 Questions: Week_12_for_January_23_Meeting.docx

Week 13 Questions: Week_13_Questions_for_January_30_meeting_Using_the_Bible_in_the_Year_with_Fr.docx

Week 14 Questions: Week_14_for_meeting_on_Feb_13.docx

Week 15 Questions: Week_15_for_February_20_Meeting_Using_the_Bible_in_a_Year_with_Fr_Mike_Schmitz_Podcast.docx

Week 16 Questions: Week_16_for_February_27.docx

Week 18 Questions: Week_18_for_April_9_meeting.docx

Week 19 Questions: Questions_for_April_16.docx

Week 20 Questions: For_April_23.docx