IF:Table Groups have been formed and are meeting monthly! There is still time to join!

IF:Table is a Women's Ministry monthly gathering. Watch for emails with more information. If you're not plugged in, part of a group, or would simply like more information, contact the Women's Ministry coordinator at the contact below!

More general info about IF:Table at ifgathering.com/if-table/

Women's bible study

Our women’s bible study meets weekly Tuesdays from 4:30-6 PM at the church.

We welcome you to study the word throughout the week and be encouraged as we share together what was learned. 

The current study uses Word Go from Bible Study Fellowship to provide 2-3 daily questions and a short reading that supplements

the scripture we are studying. Our members are from various churches in the community, so whether you go to Maywood or not, 

we’d love to have you join if you’re looking for a bible study. 

Word Go is a phone app, so a smart phone is needed for full participation in this study.

Contact wm.maywoodcovenant@gmail.com if you want more information about getting started.